How to Run Android Apps on PC or Mac

Many of us taking 360 photos like to use programs like Affinity Photo or Photoshop to touch up and colour correct. This is always a bit tedious as you have to do the stitching with the cameras mobile app and then transfer to your desktop. Thankfully you can now enjoy the huge array of apps Android has on your Mac or PC, even if you don’t own an Android smartphone or tablet with an emulator.

Samsung Gear 360 2016 Waterproof Housing Hands on Review

Samsung had made a waterproof housing for the original Gear360 2016, but it was virtually impossible to find with only a handful of people actually getting there hands on one. Vidpro has created a version of their own and as I was heading off on holiday I thought I could get some great footage while snorkeling. #SamsungGear360 #Waterproof