What Is Google Street View?

We’re all familiar with Google Maps and it’s 360° street view navigation. Using this same technology you can apply it to your business. Yes that’s right, you can have a 360° virtual tour of your business, all backed up and sponsored by Google. Now people can actually come inside and tour your business from the comfort of their own homes when they discover you while searching online. Its all at their fingertips and it’s mobile and tablet friendly!

It’s not a matter of if you need one, it’s a matter of when you’ll finally get one. This is part of Google’s street navigation, fully supported by Google. We all know Google is the king of online searches. As long as that trend continues, people will one day come to expect your business to offer an inside 360° virtual tour.

Google maps is a free way of globally and locally advertising your business. Yes, FREE! It’s well worth taking the time and effort to make the most of it. Many of your competitors are already doing so.

The beauty of Google Maps  is that you don’t have to work too hard to sell yourself. When people find you on there, they are actually searching for what you do. Chances are they are already in your town and are looking for local businesses. Pubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hotels, guest houses, gyms, bakers, opticians, picture framers, MOT centres, garages, the list is endless.

Below each listing, there is a button that says ‘get directions’, and when it is pressed, the GPS opens a map and brings the customer straight to your door! That’s why it works so well, people like ‘easy’!

And if your business is at the top of the list, with reviews, photos, and ratings, chances are they will come to you first. It’s a great way to get customers through the door. One way of getting noticed is to have photos and images that have lots of views. And of course, stunning high resolution 360 degree images.

The benefits of 360 images are enormous. As well as showing potential customers around your shop or pub or restaurant, guest house, hotel, B & B etc.  Google LOVE 360, and good images will definitely get your business higher up the search list. Google search and Google My Business actually reward you for having 360 degree images on their search engine pages.

The 360 degree images stand out head and shoulders above stills.

For a surprisingly low fee, I will take 360 images of your business and also take some high resolution still images. I can show you sample images there and then, and after some post process editing, subject to your approval, upload them to your business listing. I can also show you how to share, store, and display the images (it’s not the same as working with a normal photograph), for your social media or website.

Get yours first before your competition beats you to it.
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