Ricoh Theta V Plugin

How to Connect your Ricoh Theta V Wirelessly with Playstation VR or Oculus Go

You can now view your Ricoh Theta V 360 photos and videos wirelessly in VR using a Playstation VR or Oculus Go.  The new VR viewing capability was made possible with a new Theta V plugin called VR Media Connection.  This will definitely come in handy for sharing your photos and videos quickly, but also useful for virtual tours. You can get the plugin here.

Ricoh Theta V

Meet the Ricoh Theta V

Meet the Ricoh Theta V The Ricoh Theta V (pronounced “Vee” not “Five”) Finally the long-awaited 4K version of the popular Ricoh Theta, along with two new accessories! Straight away I spotted it still suffers with its predecessors distinctive red dot flare. Im surprised they haven’t managed to fix this Features 3D Audio TA-1 microphone At…