Morlaix, France 360 Panoramic

Morlaix in 360º

Nestling at the bottom of the deep valley foothills of the Monts d’Arrée mountains. Morlaix is a good-looking town, with art and history.  A uniquely narrow centre filled with its famous half-timbered houses, all overlooked by the towering Viaduct, a truly astonishing sight.

Le Touquet, France 360 Panoramic

Le Touquet in 360º

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to give it it’s full name is a quaint seaside town in the North of France and the inspiration to the very first James Bond, Casino Royale. The town is an old-fashioned and charming mix of independent shops and cosy restaurants. Once it was just an isolated moor, inhabited only by wild animals. Now it’s a family friendly resort, that some read and think it’s pronounced like Torquay. It does actually have some similarities though.