Location Sharing

Never Lose Your Friends Again

I was recently on holiday with a group of friends and most of the time we had to get separate vehicles to get to our destinations as we couldn’t always all fit into one vehicle. On two occasions, once at a lake in Chiang Mai, another was at Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, we found ourselves separated after being dropped off on opposite sides with no idea where the others were. Luckily Whatsapp came to our rescue with location sharing in real time.

Le Touquet, France 360 Panoramic

Le Touquet in 360º

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to give it it’s full name is a quaint seaside town in the North of France and the inspiration to the very first James Bond, Casino Royale. The town is an old-fashioned and charming mix of independent shops and cosy restaurants. Once it was just an isolated moor, inhabited only by wild animals. Now it’s a family friendly resort, that some read and think it’s pronounced like Torquay. It does actually have some similarities though.